Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Those Crazy College Kids

Sunday a couple of our college students from Cascade College brought two folks from Dignity Village. Dignity Village is a transitional tent community that is becoming a city, within Portland, for homeless people. Those crazy college kids have no boundaries, no fear, and no desire to spiritually die as many of us already have.

Lori and I spent 3 hours at Dignity Village today (whenever you visit Agape, we visit you). What a blessing. What a wonderful group of people. What hearts. They spoke of the college students with a smile and shining face. Seems that these kids every Wednesday pool their money, make a Taco Bell run, and bring tacos to the community. They called them the taco girls (isn't it interesting how historically females have had this heart for the poor--sometimes males do but less often). We were humbled.

Lori and I left talking so much about what we were wanting to do. We want to bless these folks and want so much to listen to their stories, their community, and their reflections about God. Yet, we are indebted to the students who continually show us what it means to be like Jesus. I went away with some sounder conclusions:

1) I love Lori more and more every day. She beams when talking to the people and is so comfortable with anyone. I know that we will always be a team and love visiting with people together.
2) Our boys are going to love going with us to help in whatever way we can.
3) College students are not idealistic--they are courageous. If we want to lead them we had better be too.
4) I was taught that hard work brought success and financial stability. This is a lie, sometimes things happen and you lose it all, no matter how hard you have worked and saved.
5) Jesus has spoken to me through the Bible, a book called the Irresistable Revolution, and a group of college females who love people as we should.

My prayers are that Agape will be able to lead these kids when they return for the Fall. My prayers are that Agape will minister to Dignity Village with love and compassion and learn from them the wonderful lessons of community, support, and human courage.

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JZ said...

Cascade has some great kids!