Saturday, May 26, 2007

I would have to say that the last 2 weeks have been very eye opening. Those crazy college students hit me again. They are like the dream police (remember the Cheap Trick song). They inspire Lori and I do take risks and try to learn to love unconditionally. Although we are not completely there, we are learning.

I have taken some of the homeless folks and couples out to lunch while at Pioneer square. One came to Agape a couple weeks ago.

You know, when you eat lunch with someone, instead of giving a few dollars, you learn a lot about them. It helps to talk with them to and ask them about their life. I am learning empathy and compassion. I'm sure some stories are bogus, but I believe much of what I hear. People are broken but hope seems to live inside so many young people. They are appreciative but somehow they realize that people are generous, God is good, and they will not starve to death.

They are humans, in the image of God. Worthy of respect, even if it is only a Big Mac. Some believe, some want to, others are simply angry.

So those crazy college students and that Irresistable Revolution keep haunting me. Maybe its because I used to believe like that--but I learned from those who were leaders, those I were told to respect, and those who said we could trust them that it couldn't be done. I came to believe that experience was greater than faith (it is actually worldy wisdom according to Paul in 1 Cor. 1). Those who weren't doing suddenly spoke with authority. So I followed, believed, and quit doing. Maybe I called others to quit and fall in line.

God--thank you for sending the prophets, the faithful, the youths, the idealists. May we take risks, believe that love will win out, and give as you give. May we earn the respect and right to lead this younger generation by our radical love and compassion.

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Mark said...

Oh to have no boundaries like we did back in college!