Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Houston We Don't Have a Problem

Thank you to all of our supporters and those praying for us. There is so much to say, and so many emotions running through our minds and hearts at this time. God is good and we are excited to officially be in Portland as a new church.

You can visit our website to pull up the Powerpoint presentation of our first worship service. Sorry--I don't know how to copy the link here!

105 people attended
12 visitors attended the after worship session to discuss home communities
4 responses from the area due to our mailout
Many responses stating they will return Sunday, even to help come early to setup
20 people who were looking for a church home attended
The Custodian continues to attend and came over for lunch
2 people ready to attend Core Values class
All 5 home communities will be full in the next couple weeks
This comment from one of the visitors in the nearby apartment complex. He emailed Brad Barbarick, one of our home group leaders...

Brad - It was nice talking with you today. I'm still in a state of shock. I just can't fully come to grips with fact that a church is
meeting in the cafeteria at Lincoln High School. This is a blessing! I will be attending regularly. Look forward to talking with you again.

Core Team did an excellent job and made contacts during the egg hunt and the worship.
Launch team did an excellent job getting us ready.
Park Plaza team did an excellent job helping us get ready. We had 20 show up to help us prepare and follow up. What a wonderful group of brothers and sisters. We strengthened our relationships and developed strong spiritual bonds. They worked very hard and encouraged us greatly.
Kairos Church Planting has once again prepared a church to launch and begin a new work in a city hurting and seeking relationship with God.

I could go on but the pictures say it all.

Please keep us in prayer as we continue our outreach this week.

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