Sunday, March 20, 2005

Show and Tell

One short thought: Our grade-school experience that was designed to ease our fears in presenting before a group may well have wisdom in its name.

If Christians make it a practice to be all about supporting each other and those in need in extravagant ways just as the early church did right after Pentecost, people will naturally ask "Why are you doing this?"

That's our opportunity to answer, "Because Jesus would."

If we show His love first, we are almost guaranteed an easy transition to tell of it.

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Greg Taylor said...

I like that connection. Show and tell. In Africa we flipped and flopped, asking the question, "Should we lead with evangelism or physical assistance?" Jesus modeled both. We determined that we would weave both into everything we did. We wouldn't try to wow people with money or physical assistance--Did Jesus necessarily heal to convince people, or was it more because that was his nature? We tried to do small acts of love and assistance all along the way of evangelism. And we too felt that connection, that without demonstrating our love, Christ's love, people would not hear the gospel of his love.