Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Living God's Love - Conversation 2

Lavender and Holloway suggest in their book, in the "Going Deeper" section (p 24), that we draw a picture of God, using crayons or colored markers. "What do you learn about your view of God from this picture? If you think this is a childish exercise, ask yourself, "Has my view of God changed significantly from my childhood?" If so, how?

I decided to take their advice. I hoped no one came in while I had my children's crayons strewn across my desk and I was intent with mouth twisted and eyebrows furrowed in effort to draw a picture of God. So I guess I do need to ask myself how my view has changed since I was a child. Because we believe God doesn't change, doesn't mean we should let our view of God to remain static throughout our lives. We'll never fully get our minds around God, but part of Spiritual formation for us is to form our minds around who God is, what he has done, how we conceive of him, how we are shaped, in return, by him.

Here's my picture:
picture of God

I envisioned the day Jesus returned to his disciples, who had been fishing, and he cooked fish for them. The ways God is revealed as creator and father, as Son and Savior and Lord, and as Holy fire of Spirit are represented. There are so many ways we can think and conceive of our God. I want to see yours . . .

Draw a picture of God today and share it with me by email or mail. gtaylor@zoegroup.org. The ZOE Group/Wineskins PO Box 41028 Nashville TN 37204.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I was thinking of the picture I drew as a child when told to draw a picture of what I think God looks like. I firmly believe that children frequently have much more insight to the truths about God than adults do. My picture of God was simply a very bright outburst of light. The rays are so bright we can't look at Him. What is so funny, is that I still think of God this way. He is light, and love, angry at times, and always forgiving to the penetant heart. Not being raised in a kind home, I remember God being my only friend at times. Looking back, as I often have, I can certainly see that God was revealing to me so many truths that I would remember even as I got older. I believe God reveals Himself in so many ways and that we merely have to ask Him to show us the truth, and He answers. But no matter who we are, we first have to humble ourselves and have to have a heart open to excepting the truth. Maybe the man who does not believe in God is afraid to. It will require submission. He needs to trust in the Light who is our Father in Heaven. But he needs to talk to the Father. God will reveal himself to the unbeliever, just as he reveals Himself to a child.

Have a great day!
Lisa McDonald