Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Leaking the theme of the next issue

OK, bloggers, you get the first leak of the theme of the next issue . . .

For March/April, starting in a few days, the next Wineskins theme is "Spiritual Formation."

Now, if you are reading, writing, blogging, living, ministering, struggling, loving on Spiritual Formation, write me or comment here.

My email is gtaylor@zoegroup.org

Here is a sampling of what we have coming down the pike:
  • Interview with Stanley Hauerwas
  • Review of Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible (Harper San Francisco, 2005)
  • Excerpt of Rodney Clapp’s Tortured Wonders: Christian Spirituality for people, not angels

1 comment:

Kevin Harper said...

Guess I'm not "in the know" with the new buzzwords and phrases floating around.

I'm lost on what Spiritual Formation is being used to mean? Our prayer position? Our assembly or interaction with other believers?

Lost in the blogosphere,

Kevin Harper
My blog: www.gospelunion.com