Thursday, September 04, 2008

Who are you voting for and why?

I'm trying to decide who to vote for. Each election year I decide between the candidates. Now, I know that sounds a bit mundane and you may wonder why I'm even saying that. Don't we all choose a candidate. Not really. Most voters are Republicans or Democrats. Most voters vote their party. Still, many people vote for "the man (or woman), not the party!"

So I'm an independent who leans toward Democratic views on some things (such as just war and not offensive military policy, more help for poor, education to help address society problems such as crime before they happen, cooperative not strident foreign policy) and Republican views on others (personal responsibility, less government, pro-life).

I'm about 70% Obama and 30% McCain. McCain has the burden of proof for my vote. I respect very much his military service, suffering as prisoner of war, and his years of service. I don't respect maverick personna that doesn't take advise well, it seems, and that doesn't bode well for a president at crucial moments.

So, I don't know yet who I'm voting for. I've watched speeches by Senator Obama, Governor Palin, and plan to listen to the speech tonight by Senator McCain.

I believe firmly that one ought to weigh the issues and the candidate's ideas and potential for leading our nation and our role in the world, rather than simply voting a party line.

I can understand that others have thought through the issues and picked a party, and they are sticking with it, regardless of the candidate. That's a form of weighing the issues as well, but I think we ought to keep sharp and up on the direction of parties and candidates and not allow political parties to co-opt Christians and use their votes to press a particular political agenda.

Who are you voting for in the November presidential election?



Vicky said...

I will vote for McCain because, overall, I think he is best equipped to lead our nation. I believe that he, like Reagan was, is a man of conviction. McCain also has experience in life and in public service that will be an asset as president. I agree with you that he needs to be open to advice.

All of this was before Palin. I think she is amazing and I will vote enthusiastically for McCain/Palin.

Terri said...

Most definitely McCain because of his Pro Life stand. Obama's voting record on partial birth abortion is tragic. Obama is too shady and can't be trusted.