Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Church Leadership

Thinking about tracks for the October 2008 ZOE Leadership Conference in Nashville . . . we're considering how we might do more on healthy leadership structures. Please help us brainstorm.
  • What structures from non-profit world work that apply to church leadership?
  • Are business models appropriate or inappropriate for church leadership? Why or why not?
  • Ian Fair's book is being republished by Leafwood . . . Dub Orr . . . they have taken some healthy steps in church leadership models . . . possibilities of session.
  • Doug Peters has done a D.Min. on a discerning process for elder selection . . . would like to see him do something on this at a conference.
  • Barry Packer is consulting with non-profits on the Carver Model of leadership.
  • Wade Hodges is helping direct a process of elder training . . . Ron Clark is publishing this fall a book called Emerging Elders that focuses on elder training.
  • Lynn Anderson and Charles Siburt have done much on moving elders to shepherds and understanding and applying the qualities of leadership to church shepherds/overseers/elders.
  • Would like to bring in ideas about redemptive business or business as mission. Clint Davis and Mark Moore are doing much on this along with the Kibo Group.
What do you know about church leadership structures and how we might address this?

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