Thursday, January 12, 2006

What do you want to review?

Thought I'd mention a few of the books on my desk, some as invitation for you to receive to review for Wineskins and others as recommendations or just to let you know what passes for reading material around here.

Books for review you may be interested in reviewing
Marva Dawn, Talking the walk
Donald Miller, Through painted deserts
David E. Fitch, The great giveaway: Reclaiming the Mission of the Church
Chris Tiegreen, Why a suffering world makes sense
Chuck Smith Jr., Matt Whitlock, Frequently avoided questions
Siang-Yang Tan, Full service: moving from self-serve Christianity to total servanthood
Richard L. Reising, Church marketing 101: preparing your church for greater growth
Steven James, Story: recapture the mystery
Michael Dauphinais, Matthew Levering, Holy people, holy land: a theological introduction to the Bible

If you want any of the above books, send a send addressed and stamped (about $2) envelope to Greg Taylor 12000 E. 31st St. Tulsa, OK 74146 and I'll do my best to get you the book you request, and I do have many other review copies--so if you have a particular book you're interested, ask.

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Cathy Messecar said...


I'm a writer/newspaper columnist/author(new)in the Houston area, and I'd love to review one of the books you have. I'll send the two dollars to the above address. Any will do...Cathy Messecar