Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Site Design

Construction is almost finished.

It's taken a while to put it all together - and it isn't quite all together yet - but the New Wineskins site will soon be moving to its new location at the links available on this page.

Until the database of subscribers and their passwords is moved to the new site, access will be free to all visitors, as I understand it.

There are more articles, more book and movie reviews, more features than previously available online ... and the archives now go back as far as the January-February 2000 issue.

I'll be continuing to add artwork and text to the site and building in new features as time permits. So if you hear some sawing and hammering while you're visiting, that may explain it.

For instance: Not all of the "Writer" listings are in place, nor are the links completed to the "Community," "Culture" and "You" graphics, but they're in process.

Begin your sneak peek by clicking on the "Home" button and enjoy the first two new features of the September - December double issue "In Christ Alone."

And if you run across any knotholes or encounter any unwired outlets, please let me know!

1 comment:

Michele said...

I am looking forward to reading blogger posts once again.

Nice look on the design.