Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Kingdom Ethic

It's clear from the Ethic on the Mount (and many other scriptures) that Jesus wanted His kingdom to be a defining part of our lives:

It is an amazing ethic (Matthew 7:28-29) because of its authority ... the authority of a King who loves His subjects to death.

His death, not theirs ... so He could put to death what keeps them from Him.


Rick J said...

Good stuff, Keith. Challenging... lived out in His life... imperfectly manifested in mine.

Greg Taylor said...

Thanks so much, Keith, for this focus on the Sermon on the Mount Ethic, a Kingdom Ethic.

I recently met a man who had memorized the entire sermon and not only that but also "performs" it dressed as Jesus for any organization or event willing to invite him.

His name is Howard Claude. Let me know if you want to contact him and I'll give any one interested his contacts.