Friday, May 01, 2009

As many of you know today is our monthly Friday prayer and fast day. I am cramming a handful of Lays potato chips in my mouth in preparation.

The Vice Principle at Reynolds High School has recently challenged me to be praying about our work to develop boys groups in the high school. She has also been leading a committee to do a Human Trafficking conference in May at the school. She asked me point blank if I had a team, as she does in her church, who will be on their knees about this. Basically, she said Satan dominates in this area and will protect his territory. It is exciting to see that we have good people and people of faith fighting for our kids in the public school. It is humbling as a dad of one of their students, to be convicted as to what I should already be doing.

It made me think about our abuse, human trafficking, and recovery ministries. We have people breaking free and trying to stay clean. Some stumble, others relapse, but all are putting their heads down and pushing forward. They daily say no to Satan, or at the least they give it their best shot.

And I forget to pray for them.

I have been concerned about the girls who live across the street from me. While I was in the yard yesterday I asked her what I have been wanting to ask for weeks, “Are those boys treating you with respect? You know you can always talk to us if you feel you are in over your head.” She smiled and said yes, walked away, and stopped. Then she said, “Thanks,” and went in the house. Funny thing was I could feel Satan telling me over and over again I was too busy to talk to her, she didn’t care, I needed to go about my business. I had to ask for courage to do this one little thing.

How hard it must be for others to say no to something that grips their heart, soul, and mind. Those who are saying no to daily addictions have more courage than I can imagine.

How about tomorrow we pray for all our brothers, sisters, friends, enemies, ministry leaders, and Zak, Kathy, and Lori. As everyone seeks the God of order in a world of chaos can we pray, miss a meal or two, and ask God to help the weak, empower the strong, and protect all of them as they love others more than themselves. I will send this out to the missionaries I prayed for today and help this thing become global.

1 Cor. 10:13 God will not let you be tempted beyond your strength (God is keeping Satan at bay) but with the temptation will provide a way of escape (God is pulling for you and me).

Have a good day today.


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