Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update 2: Eric Noah-Wilson's Sister, Kristi Blank

From Eric in Spokane, Washington:

First I want to thank you. I don't have words to express how these messages you've sent, the prayers you've lifted have kept me going.

It has been so encourage to stop, sit and pick up my phone and read the prayers and thoughts of so many. It has been a very emotional roller coaster. Below is the latest.

Kristi has two doctors seeing her and they have very different diagnoses. The first doctor who has been treating Kristi since Thursday is adamant that there will be no recovery with the damage that she has inflicted on her body. A second doctor has come in, however, and believes results of tests compared from the past two days have shown positive increases in filtering the toxins. So he wants to put her on life support and give it 48 hours to see if in fact her liver functions continue to improve. Late last night her breathing was so shallow the decision was made to put her on life support as the new doctor recommended.

This morning (May 20) the doctor came in and explained that the tests taken this morning again showed improvement in her liver activity and he ordered a feeding tube. Okay, so now you can see the different emotions I am feeling. If in fact she is improving I am very excited (and scared). Scared that if she does come out how angry she is going to be. Her few words on Thursday to the nurses were "I don't want to live, let me die!" Are we prolonging the inevitable?

So of course with the feeding tube and life support this could go on for quite some time. I am sending Natalie home tomorrow. Kristi's color is better, and she seems to be resting. She is on life support, with heavy doses of fluids, vitamins, antibiotics fighting off everything that the liver should be doing.

To the ZOE Family . . . these emails, calls and prayers are what has kept me going! God is GOOD and He is the HEALER.

Thank you!

Note: You may leave comments and prayers here on this blog . . . and we'll let Eric know where to find them. We've forwarded nearly 300 of your messages and prayers to Eric in the last three days.


Keith Brenton said...

Eric, the people of Pleasant Valley Church of Christ in Little Rock are praying for you, Kristi, and your extended family.

Cathy Messecar said...


I'm still singing the Numbers 6:24-26 blessing over you and yours--that God turn his face toward you and be gracious and give you peace.

Anonymous said...

Eric & family,
My prayers for God's peace and comfort continue for you and your family.
Kristie Fry,
K.Fry Public Relations