Sunday, February 04, 2007

Is It Really A Sacrifice?

Photo by Craig Volpe

Today is our monthly day of fasting and prayer from our Agape Church plant team. One of the things that today does for us is to remind us that we can easily get into a routine. This morning I can't tell you how many times I almost put something in my mouth--leftover breakfast from the boys, a granola bar, pieces of cereal, that fruit that might as well be thrown out. It reminds me that I have been doing something the same way for 30 days. Today is change. Today is different. Today is out of my normal routine. Today I conciously make a decision to be different. Some would question why we would give up freedom--for only a few hours. Will it really make a difference? Why change the way I usually do things? Why--for a goal, a cause, a committment. To reach people I don't know, have never met, and who think differently than me.

Is it uncomfortable?
Is it abnormal?
Is it strange?
Is it Biblical?

But fasting and church planting/evangelism are the same. They are a concious choice to do something that is not part of my normal routine. They are a willingness to say, "I'm tired of watching others starve spiritually and I will make the sacrifice to change that." Yes it is a small sacrifice--but it is also a willingness to alter a routine.


Anonymous said...

Just looking round!
God bless you
Maria in the UK

JZ said...

it seems to me that portland would be a hard town to re-invent the church of christ. although suburbia is ripe...the city is no walk in the park blocks. other bodies like imago dei and mosaic have an added edge because they are not tied to a hundred years of uber-literal biblical interpretation.

i hope you have more than a powerpoint presentation and some power pop praise songs.

good luck.

JZ said...