Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Jesus Among Us

In the Gospel of John he tells us that the word became flesh and dwelt/tabernacled among us. Instead of living in a tent, building, or reconstructed temple, God came to live in flesh. Jesus is God in the flesh. Have we ever really contemplated what that means.

This picture was done by one of our artists at Metro Church of Christ, in Portland, OR. It reminds me of what this incarnation really meant. Can we see the creator of the world holding children, talking to women, healing the sick and lame, and patiently listening to the poor (Luke 7)? Is it too much for us to imagine that God became vulnerable and open to abuse? Is it hard to imagine God taking the time to be with the "insignificant people" of the ancient world? The Talmud says it is a waste of time to teach or spend time with children. The disciples tried to keep children away from Jesus. But Jesus held children in his arms, even the ones with messy diapers and snotty noses. While this may have offended ancient people does it offend us?

It reminds me of Joan Osborne's song, "What if God was one of us".

How do you think God would do this today?

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