Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Let's Go:Thoughts on Missional Living from the Center

Let’s go!
Let’s go to the store.
Let’s go to the mall.
Let’s go eat, watch TV, hang out.
Let’s go for a drive, see a movie or some friends.
Let’s go to work.
Let’s go to school.
Let’s go home.
Let’s go to sleep….let’s go, let’s go, let’s go…..
Go.Go.Go. Constantly, “On the Go.”
….and making
….and making nothing.
Living in motion, in a circle, insignificantly.
Going nowhere. Making nothing.
….and gone, without significance.

Still, there is more "going"?

Let’s go to church.
Let’s go to devo.
Let’s go to youth camp.
Let's go join that class.
Let's go read that book.
Let’s go hear that Speaker.
Let’s go listen to that Band.
Let’s go to help over there.
Let’s go to see that work.
Let’s go to experience that blessing.
Let’s go serve those people.
Let’s go!
Let’s go!
Let’s hurry and go……
Going and Doing….

Will no one ask, "Why? Why go?"..............
or, "How shall we go?"...
or, "With what shall we do?"

Oh no! Go! Just Go.
and Do. Just Do!
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Just Hurry!


"Stop it!"

Stop your "going".
Stop your meaningless motion.
Stop your empty prayers.
Stop your revolving door of events.
Stop the endless moving about.
Stop! Stop!! Stop!!!!!!!!
Just Stop.……please…..
Please, stop.


Slow down…and consider.

Why are you going? Why?
How shall you go?
Consider, "With what shall you do?"

Stop going; start considering.
Stop doing; begin being.

Be with Him.
Be still.
Be quiet.
Be deep.
Be filled.
Be absorbed.
Be nothing.
Be different.
Be alone with God.
Be God's alone.
Just Be.
Be. Be. Be!!
and then….
and then with God...
and then with God and with great humility.....Go.

then...by all means...Go!!! Go!Go!Go! Run!! Charge!!!

Go with purpose!
Go with preparation!
Go with plans!
Go with passion!
Go with Power!

“Oh, Yes! Go!!”, pleads Jesus.

Go, love without condition.
Go, give without reservation.
Go, serve without prejudice.
Go, save my lambs.
Go, feed my sheep.
Go, tend my flocks.
Go, find my coins.
Go, rescue my children.
Go, change the world.
Go, shape the future.
Go, topple kingdoms.
Go usher in Righteousness.

"Oh, Yes! Yes! Yes!!! A thousand times….YES! Go make disciples…
…and I….
I, personally,….
will be with you."

Now let's go to the store,
to the mall,
to the church,
to them all.


Jina Hinson said...

Yes! This so resonated with me. Thank you!

Elizabeth C. said...

Thank you so much for that! I so many times find myself feeling like I'm just running in these exhausting circles, going through the motions. This was a great reminder to stop and remember the "why" and "how" of what we do. And especially to take time to listen to God and be refreshed by Him.