Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's Preacher Feature Time!

Some weeks back I begged my preaching minister, Chuck Monan, to submit a fine message he had delivered on the subject of unity as an article for New Wineskins - and the guy consented! On top of that, managing editor Greg Taylor accepted it, and it went live Monday. You can read it (or listen to it) and see if my risk of sycophanting up to the boss was worth the ribbing I'll get in the church office.

(Though, as I told Chuck when I accepted the communications job there last fall, he's not technically the Boss. That'd be Springsteen.)

Evidently spurred on by my dauntless courage in the face of merciless taunting, Greg Taylor lost no time asking his preaching minister Wade Hodges to contribute an article on the subject of unity and the table, which should appear in a couple of weeks.

And if Greg gets any teasing as a result, I think you'll find the article will be well worth it to him.

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