Thursday, March 24, 2005


Have you ever been in a situation when you felt the dark before the dawn?

It might have been a conflict that was coming to a head. The two sides knew the day was close when each would have to engage the conflict head on. It might have been a decision you were called to make...and make it sooner rather than later. How nervous you were knowing that day would come. It might have been the time you waited for the phone call from the doctor. He said he would call you the next day with the results and it is the night before that next day. Oh, how you could feel heaviness of the dark before the dawn.

If you are like me, I'm fairly certain you like to live in a resolved state. You like to know there are no loose ends hanging out there. You like to have your life fairly predictable and settled. You like your life to be like listening to music that resolves in a wonderful,satisfying concluding note.

But have you ever listened to a song that either doesn't resolve or takes forever to settle? You hang on waiting for that last note to sound so that it offers the peace you were looking for. Sometimes, though, you hang on forever. Sometimes a song doesn't resolve and you are left unsatisfied.

Mary went to her Lord's tomb in an unresolved state. In fact, John 20 states that Mary went to the tomb while it was still dark. Perhaps she was going to the tomb to convince herself that it was all true. Or, come to think of it, perhaps she went to the tomb resolved to the fact that he was gone. She went to pay her respects. Regardless, she went to the tomb while it was still dark. And what did she find?

You know. She found the empty tomb. Whatever she went looking for, she found the opposite. She went looking for a body but she found none. She went looking for a her dead friend but she discovered a risen Lord. But notice, even after coming across an empty tomb, she still had an issue unresolved. It was only when she discovered that the supposed gardener was not actually a gardener but was her Savior (John 20:15) that the final note began to sound. The unresolved began to resolve. Jesus spoke her name. Mary left the empty tomb to find her friends and tell them the good news, "I have see the Lord!" (John 20:18)

May this Easter be a time for your unresolved to resolve. May this Easter be an opportunity for you to see your Lord and to hear him speak your name. May this Easter be the eternal moment when the dark turns into dawn. May this Easter be a time of joy. May you hear your life's song sing out in clarity, peace, and satisfaction. Even if it is still dark, may you live in hope that the One who was in the tomb is no longer there. He has resolved everything. May we wait in hope for that final note to sound.

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